Book 5 of 8
Learning about the life cycle of the potato plant and looking for the life living in our soil

It is time to check on the compost and the wonderful work of the worms and make sure we have healthy soil for planting potatoes.

We learn how to look after potato plants as they grow to ensure we have healthy potatoes to eat. Gaye the Garden Girl illustrates the life cycle of the potato plant while introducing the months of the year. She went on a treasure hunt digging in the dirt and found worms and slaters helping to make the soil healthy. We have to wait until the end of the year to go on our own treasure hunt for the potatoes we grow.

So many ways to eat the potatoes and celebrate at the end of year! Roast potatoes with rosemary, gnocchi, zucchini and potato slice, chips and more!


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Learning about pollination, parts of a plant and the importance of bees in our garden!

As the weather becomes warmer, so too the soil, it is time for plants that like to grow in warmer weather.

We learn about 4 vine plants from the same plant family having male and female flowers and a 5th vine plant from a different plant family. Starting with the seeds we learn how the plants grow and fruit, growing more seeds
inside their fruit.

Gaye the Garden Girl illustrates how the plants grow from seed, growing leaves followed by male and female flowers. She highlights how important bees are in pollination to grow the food we eat on the plants. We all need food to live, so let’s all protect bees!

Eat cucumbers and tomatoes straight from the garden! Make soups and slices with zucchini, squash and pumpkin!


Book 8 of 8
Learning the plant life cycles of leafy greens and the different ways to plant!

We now know what to plant in each season of the year. It is time to learn about propagation and the different ways to plant, by seedlings, seeds and cuttings. We learn how to grow our own food and share our knowledge with our family and friends.

Pete the Planting Pal likes eating spinach (just like Popeye the Sailor Man) and illustrates the life cycle of spinach planted from seedling, the life cycle of lettuce planted from seed and how to propagate rosemary from a cutting. He also explains how to harvest leafy greens to keep them growing.

Leafy greens and herbs can be grown and eaten in all seasons, continuously picking all year round, these taste great in many recipes as well as looking great in your garden! Try making herbal infusions!

The gallery below showcases some images from our Food Garden Program