Food is our Focus

Greenhill Living is focused on the basic necessities of human survival.

Basic necessities for human survival are food, water, shelter and warmth. Let’s start with learning about food and make it a priority to teach our children about how nature grows it.

Rebecca Mumford

Rebecca Mumford of Greenhill Living offers an environmental education program educating preschool and primary school students about how food grows, using books written to engage the minds of our future young farmers.

Some career highlights are listed below:

  • Bachelor of Management.
  • Horticulture Certificate II.
  • Commenced Greenhill Living in 2010 establishing and maintaining food gardens in preschools, schools and childcare centres.
  • 2015 self published 4 book seasonal series, called Gaye the Garden Girl. The series is about plant and insect life cycles, pests and beneficial insects, as well as the seasons.
  • 2016 self published 4 book series, called The Garden Gang, introducing Faye the Farmer Friend, Gary the Garden Guy and Pete the Planting Pal. The series is about building soil, planting techniques, plant families and more…..
  • 2018 self published Bill the Bush Tucker Boy, Bush Tucker. This book aims to create awareness of the origins of our food and introduce edible native Australian food plants to your garden.
  • 2019 self published a beautifully illustrated book “what does a dibber do?” which highlights the importance of healthy soil and a healthy habitat.
  • Horticultural Media Association SA (HMASA) Treasurer 
  • Horticultural Media Association Australia (HMAA) state representative