Food Garden Programs

Greenhill Living connects students to their outdoor learning environment:

The programs aim to achieve an understanding of the seasons, seasonal planting and eating, plant and insect life cycles, pests and beneficial insects, healthy soil, propagation, basic survival needs of plants, organic gardening and caring for our environment.

Greenhill Living offers a 4 book program visiting your garden once a term, an 8 book program visiting your garden twice a term, or a tailor made program specific to your preschool, school or children’s centre.

Enquire about starting a Native Food Garden or find out more about waste management with a Compost Awareness Workshop and #careaboutcompost.

Kindergarten Programs

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) outcomes are highlighted as well as helping towards achieving National Quality Standard (NQS) quality areas.

Rebecca Mumford will introduce the food garden to students and keep it alive in their minds during all the seasons of the year

Each session will include an interactive reading of the Greenhill Living books and is followed by seasonal planting in the garden.

Primary School Programs

Australian Curriculum links have been made, specifically within Biological Science and Sustainability learning areas.

Links to many Australian Curriculum areas can be made specific to your school. By keeping the food garden growing through all the seasons of the year, we are demonstrating the value in caring for our environment and ensuring a living outdoor learning space for all to enjoy.