Gaye the Garden Girl – The Carrots and the Ladybirds – Summer

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Part of a 4 book series, which describe the lifecycles of various vegetables, beneficial insects or pests in the garden, The carrots and the ladybirds illustrates the lifecycles of the carrot plant and of the ladybird and the benefits of ladybirds in protecting plants from aphids, with reference to the days of the week. Spot the ladybird on each page!

Each book provides an account of what Gaye the Garden Girl does or observes in her garden in Adelaide, South Australia through the seasons. With one book for each season – summer, autumn, winter, spring – they are illustrated using photos.

– The carrots and the ladybirds (summer)
– The broccoli and the caterpillar (autumn)
– The potato treasure hunt (winter)
– Five foods on a vine (spring)

** You can order the set of 4 to receive discount.**

ISBN: 9780994255709